Be The Menz - Why Men don't hate fashion, they just don't like the way it's designed for women!


We are writing you today, for all men, for women, for fashion, to change the industry and the way we look and present to the world. The Menz starts now, we added the "z" well because men's sounded boring really, a menz sounds much more cooler. But truly The Menz is a statement, a statement for saying that men are brought to life with a meaning and a responsibility, be the best they can, for them, for their peers, for their friends, for their loves, for their passions,for what they in nature can achieve and undeniably can do Nevertheless, we are taking one thing that men didn't capture as women did, fashion, and they are completely right.  Fashion for men as been an understatement, something that the world seems to underline and presented it was meant for other people than the male consumer. We, the Menz don't settle this almost dogmatic truth, no more. The reality is that true men wants to look better, are interested on the quality and to find the modern way hoe to be a gentleman, but not look weird, to conquer your life, your dreams and everything you set for. In fact, women love man fashion. Have you ever think, that if women loved shoes, they loved a men's shoes also? And it's true for all things. Clothing can set you apart, a suit can dress your personality. fashion can throw at the world a better view and confidence when you walk everyday to take what you want. Well, but there's the matter of knowing how. And the answer is simple: The Menz. We are here to take for a voyage, a trip to set you apart from the normal and boring fashion that doesn't suit you, to advise you, to get to know the best in fashion, where you can buy with no fuss, no lines, no troubles. Follow the style not for living but for life. 

Be the Menz. 

The Menz Group


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