5 Closet Upgrades Every Man Needs

Men's CLoset

You can tell a lot about a man by why what he wears and where does he keep his wardrobe? In, drumroll please…a closet. Let’s step out of the stone-age storage of yesteryear and upgrade you to the modern convenience of a real man’s closet.

Ideally at some point in your life you may want a custom-built closet with all the bells and whistles (or rather racks & cabinets) but these 5 upgrades will turn any closet into a containment unit fit for any man.


1. Real Hangers

Wood Hangers

First thing first. Wire hangers are great for opening car doors, tv antennas, unclogging sinks, etc. You know what they aren’t good for? Hanging clothes. Get rid of the wire contraception you get when you take your shirt to the dry cleaners and go purchase a set of real hangers. I suggest wood hangers but contoured plastic hangers will do the job, just make sure the hanger is sturdy and supports the shape of the garment.

Purchasing all new hangers also adds an instant look of clean uniformity instead of the hodgepodge of colored plastic and uneven hangers some closets are accustomed to.

2. Tie Rack

Tie Rack

If you own ties (which you should) you need a tie a rack. Not only will it organize your ties in a way that is readily accessible but it will also make selecting ties much easier. Another problem that a tie rack will solve is storing your ties in their tied position. This may seem like it makes for a faster morning routine, but it degrades the shape of the tie.

3. Belt Rack

Ties are to tie racks as belts are to belt racks. 20 points on your SATs. The belt rack performs the same function as a tie rack but for belts, simple as that. Many people keep their leather belts rolled up which, over time, can deteriorate the durability of a belt.

4. Valet Chest

A valet chest or valet box is a small compartment used to store a plethora of items from trinkets to tie-clips and watches to keys. In essence, it’s a man’s jewelry box but I think valet chest sales would plummet if they called it that.

5. Proper Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

Lastly, the almighty shoe rack. There are dozens of cheap/plastic shoe racks you can buy, but I urge to spend some money and buy a nice sturdy rack for your footwear. A good quality shoe rack will last you forever and give you some extra space in the closet floor. As a bonus, you should purchase some shoe trees that will help your leather shoes keep their shape and absorb moisture.

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