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The most successful male style icons of our time have something in common. From Steven McQueen to Brad Pitt and Ryan Gosling – all of these icons are connected by a clear pattern of style habits. The following list highlights some of these unofficial rules of the game.

1.) Don’t save on shoes

A good pair of $600 shoes will last you at least 10 years, while a $100 dollar version may also look good, but won’t even survive a whole year.

2.) Your tailor is one of your best friends

Clothes should fit properly. In particular, when choosing your suits, you should pick the right one for your body type. With the tailor of your trust, a $500 suit can look like a $5,000 suit. This investment is worth every penny.

3.) Take care of  your clothes

If you are willing to invest money in your wardrobe, then you should also care for keeping it longer. Shoe trees, decent hangers and the right choice of cleaning are a must.

4.) Never chase trends

Urban fashion trends come quickly and without restraint to the male fashion world. But one thing is for sure: The days of printed and oversized Hipster T-shirts, the supposedly trendy and obviously embarrassing sweatpants and leggings for men, will come to an end. A look back at your photos from 2015 will make you hate yourself. Stick with the classics!

5.) Never “underdressed”

This does not mean that you have to pick your best tuxedo from the wardrobe for every occasion . Yet, more is better than less. May I introduce: Your Blazer – your best friend.

6.) Pay attention to a good pair of sunglasses

Usually, it’s quite easy to pick a pair of sunglasses up and put them on, but a good pair of sunglasses is identifiable. Find a shape that suits your facial features and makes you as identifiable as they are.

7.) Stay minimalist when it comes to jewelry

Have you ever seen a picture of Frank Sinatra wearing a necklace? No? There’s a good reason for that. The jewelry diversity of a stylish man starts with an elegant timepiece and ends with a wedding ring, which is a maximum of 4.5mm-6mm wide.

8.) Pay importance to a proper haircut

If you have a strong need stand out from the crowd, then please do it using your charm, intelligence and a stylish overall look. Your head is not a place for experiments.

9.) Know how to express yourself

Your words are your strongest tool right next to your appearance. They determine how you appeal to someone, unveil your skills and share where you want to go in life. The first ten seconds of an encounter are of critical importance. Especially with a woman.

10.) Just be it!

The most stylish guys in the world aren’t even trying to be stylish. Once you gain confidence and internalize these small rules, the rest comes by itself.


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